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Yoga Therapy

Understand fear, worry, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, psychosis, addiction, burn-out or stress better.

Feeling stuck, disconnected or unseen?

The principles of Integrative Yoga Therapy are to guide each individual to well-being in a compassionate, empowering and sustainable way. Individual therapy sessions, very different than the yoga class in the gym:
  • When difficult emotions take over your body and mind
  • (Re-) invent your coping strategies and inner resources
  • Be the owner of your own recovery and solutions that lead you to a place of clarity and optimal balance
  • Integrate yoga and therapy into life and work for a more empoweredpeaceful, inspired state of being
  • Change from within: Natural and sustainable solutions because you start to understand the core of your issue gradually
  • It fits your other treatment plan(s)

Ways to Work

Four Pack Therapy

This is for you if you got stuck, you need help understanding your patterns and/ or you wish to work in a gentle and compassionate way. These Therapy sessions will help you deal with (complex/ religious/ other) trauma, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, relationship problems in an embodied way using the tools of yoga and bring you closer to your optimal state of being: a feeling of connection with yourself and the world around you — in natural and empowered ways. 
Depending on the the issue, more 4-packs might be useful, or if we expect we need more time (this will be clear during the first session), the 'Long Term' option might be ideal.

Long Term Therapy

If things in life are complex, and you are feeling stuck in more than one area in life: work, mental health, spiritual fields, relationships, finances etc.
This offers flexibility, and freedom while it promotes and supports change. Great if you wish to strengthen your mind practices, especially when dealing with the results of trauma or other pain.
I am here in times of struggle and crisis. When you lost your sparks (of hope, trust or inspiration) using my personal and professional skills and experiences to support you.

Life Coaching (STAP BUDGET)

You are here for a reason. This is for you if you have clear goals, you know where you are going OR you need help recognizing or deciding your direction. Probably your issues are less complex and a couple of sessions is what you need. Create (yoga) rituals that serve you on YOUR PATH in an empowering and sustainable way. I'd LOVE to meet you!
If you feel the call, and (getting) ready for change, remember you are not alone. You deserve a coach.

'Anneke is like a professional friend'

— anonymus —


I am a holist. I believe health and well-being require nurturing skills for self-care from a holistic (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) perspective. This approach helps to understanding our experiences, including physical and mental health. An integrative approach is the idea of integrating or combining aspects of several different schools of thought to promote wellness. For me, dignity, justice, autonomy, freedom and friendship are of the highest value as we investigate all layers of you through holistic assessment. 
I love to support you long-term (as long as needed). I worked with hundreds of people as a community psychiatric nurse and yoga therapist over many years. Patience and dedication are some of my greatest strengths.
Building bridges in the field of yoga therapy and healthcare, is what I love. In 2010, I founded Network Yoga Therapy and The Yoga Therapy Conference in 2015 and I lead the Svastha yoga teacher trainings for medical professionals (in person and online) and offer Terrapy, integrative yoga therapy together with multidisciplinary teams. Her work is influenced by studies and mentoring by AG Mohan, Indra, Nitya and Ganesh Mohan. Stephen Porges, Sue Carter, Bessel van der Kolk, Kirsten Neff, Chris Germer, Eleanor Longden, Anneke Lucas, and more. 
My network of clients and collaborators in The Netherlands and globally is wide and strong. As a (founding-) member of the Global Consortium of Yoga Therapy we connect with yoga therapy organizations in the world (IAYT, Japanese Yoga Therapy society and more). The Dutch Ministry of Defense, The UMC Utrecht, Meander Amersfoort, Arkin Amsterdam and others.
Above all, I am a mother, 42 years old and living close to the beach, besides yoga I love dancing and surfing!

Anneke Sips ‧ Registered Nurse psychiatry, SPV/ POH-GGZ, C-IAYT yoga therapist, life coach

Why with Anneke

complex psychiatry

She's a registered Community Psychiatric Nurse and Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) working in the field of (complex/ chronic/ crisis) psychiatry since '98.

all ages

For many years she has been working with children, youth and adolescents as a (community-) nurse, socio-therapist and yoga therapist. And for many years with adults too.

trauma and spiritual experiences

(Religious-) trauma and psychosis/ extraordinary or difficult to explain or spiritual experiences she considers her expertise, through extensive (social psychiatric and personal) experiences and interest.

Life coaching

She helps you grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying limiting beliefs and other potential challenges and obstacles you face and devising a custom plan of action designed with you.



Four Pack Plus



  • This is a 3 months journey
  • Everything what's in FOUR-PACK
  • Investigate the blocks on the road towards change through a 2 hours insight session
  • Receive personal recorded (calming/ motivating/ releasing) practices
  • Suits simpler one-focussed goal implementation or issue tackling without loosing sight or the bigger picture.
  • Promotes and supports in the decision phase of change
  • Use your stap-budget (Dutch clients only)
our Pick

If you wish to bring yoga/ yoga therapy into your business, institute or organization, don't hesitate to start te conversation with me