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Organizing a holistic mental health journey is great, but sometimes you get lost in options not knowing where to start or continuo. Our goal is to make it easier and more enjoyable for you and your client to look outside of the box of regular care options creating great education from a grounded vision for you!

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Welcome at the learning platform of Network Yoga Therapy. Since 2014 we offer trainings and programs around yoga, yoga therapy and mental health. This platform evolved into a hub for holistic and client-centered therapy programs for everyone who cares: Doctors, nurses, all (body oriented-) therapists, yoga teachers, psychologists and others in related fields: always both for your own health and to use it in the office with your patient or client. The modules are offered in a blended way: online and in person, some in Dutch and some in English.

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Current Progress
Current Progress

Circulair Pathway | We offer a path that has flexibility and options and is meant to be walked in your way and at your pace and where there are always opportunities to cross paths and see each other again and grow together within your community. You build your own therapeutic landscape, following your own pace and rhythm, starting when you are ready at any point/ way of of your choice. It's circulair. Everything connects with everything so that you are creating your personal (yoga-) therapeutic space, in your way. 

For who | Terrapy is for anyone who cares. For anyone who wishes to be more self aware and more unconditionally present to themselves and others. Providers (therapists, coaches, (yoga-) teachers, healthcare providers, and the like) who wish to be even more trauma-informed and of service to traumatized populations might particularly benefit. Whether you have encountered darkness directly, work with people who have, are close to someone who has, or want to be better informed to support personal and societal change, Terrapy is for you.

Terrapy |  Mental health and wellness require an empowered, holistic approach. Terrapy is such an approach. 'Terra' means earth. This is earth-inspired integrated yoga therapy for mental health, emotional wellness and spiritual freedom. We look at the whole person in each module. The core elements (5 C's) which are connected to the purpose of our work, are felt in every module. These are:

  • Curiosity
  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity

Accreditation |  The modules are designed for self-therapy first as well as being of service to others. This is always connected. Some of the modules are accredited by the International Association of Yoga therapists in the USA (IAYT).


Our passionate, kind and wise (teaching-) team created a whole range of high quality Terrapy modules for you to choose from, to create a holistic mental health journey for yourself and your cliënt. Our goal is to make it easier and more enjoyable for you and your client to look outside of the box of regular care options

and offer more freedom


for all who care

  • Yoga & Yoga Therapy

  • Mental Health

  • Original Medicine

  • Empowered Living


Yoga, Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy

In this category you will find the modules that cover themes about yoga, where classical philosophy and a critical (scientific) view are woven into a practical application. Our mission is to preserve these beautiful healing practices and help restore the realization of our true nature as human beings in the state of svastha (staying as ourselves). Build a rock steady foundation and your specialization options become endless.


the medicine of introspective hatha yoga


Yoga concepts in neuroscientifically explained


the medicine of mindfulness, silence and meditation


medicine of restful relaxation for stress and sleep issues


Yoga & Ayurveda guidance and First Aid for chronic pain


Yoga & Ayurveda guidance and First Aid for overweight


Yoga & Ayurveda guidance for medication withdrawal


the medicine of Ayurveda in mental health


what's coming up

okt 2023 

Polyvagaal theorie in de spreekkamer door Willemijn en Ellie

Toegepaste polyvagaal theorie voor yoga professionals, (lichaamsgericht-) therapeuten en coaches die hun cliënten hun cliënten helpen zichzelf te reguleren en veiligheid te voelen. Een belangrijke basis van het werk.

1 dgn


in person

sept 2023

Yoga en Trauma: de polyvagaal theorie in de praktijk met Anneke Sips

Deze workshop is complementair aan de workshop van Willemijn en Ellie en is voor zorg professionals die nieuwsgierig zijn naar hoe yoga én de polyvagaaltheorie samen een rol kunnen spelen in de spreekkamer.

1 day


in person

okt 2023

Yoga in de Spreekkamer (50u)

Leer yoga toe te passen één op één of in kleine groepen in een spreekkamer Dit is zeer geschikt voor elke (huis-) arts, poh-ggz, psycholoog, lichaamsgericht werkende, coach en yoga docenten die yoga individueel aan willen gaan bieden.



in person


(Dutch) Yoga in de Spreekkamer | dit programma onderwijst yoga op een manier zodat het gebruikt kan worden in een spreekkamer of andere (behandel-) plek door zorg professionals als (huis-) artsen, medisch specialisten, verpleegkundigen, psychologen, geestelijk verzorgende, ervaringswerkers, coaches en anderen met een interesse in yoga op maat. De yoga is toepasbaar op (kleine) groepen of één op één maar je leert ook (psycho-) educatie, lezingen en presentaties te geven over yoga aan teams of bijvoorbeeld een conferentie.

1 dag

Dit is een introductiedag voor zorg professionals, die affiniteit met yoga hebben en yoga beoefenen (elke vorm of richting yoga).

2,5 dagen

Dit is een nascholing voor zorg professionals, die affiniteit met yoga hebben en yoga beoefenen (elke vorm of richting yoga).

7 dagen

Dit is een nascholing voor zorg professionals en yogadocenten (elke vorm of richting yoga) om yoga te leren toepassen in therapie.

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