Network Yoga Therapy

We are an innovative international network of professionals who connect yoga, science and health. This training and expertise platform was founded in 2010 by Anneke Sips RN, C-IAYT. We design and develop yoga (therapy) ecosystems within institutions, hospitals and companies where staff and clients are supported with the right yoga interventions and research. We believe that awareness, courage and self leadership lift us as a collective to a higher level, which help us make better decisions for the world and leave a positive footprint for the next generation. The method of yoga is great to support this movement.

Holistic Care

Health and well-being is more than the absence of disease only. It's an all encompassing state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. It requires a holistic approach. We offer such an approach. We are deeply connected to each other and the earth and go further than most yoga (therapy) studies by add-on the element of earth in our Svastha Yoga Therapy program. The primary principles shaping both environmental and integrative medicine consistently emphasize interconnectivity, reminding us that if our environment is out of balance, we are out of balance.


You are not alone. Connect to a beautiful group of like-minded, curious people interested in holistic healing.
This community is off social media, on our own platform so there are no distractions and more online privacy and safety.
We discuss the whole spectrum of the Landscape of Wellbeing:
» Healthcare profession + yoga
» Polyvagal parenting
» Be your own therapist
» Earth and sustainable living


Build a rock solid foundation for your personal and professional practice and your specialization options become endless. 
You will be able to adapt your yoga services to any situation.
Grow with our multi-disciplinary teaching team bridging yoga, health and (neuro-) science integrated into your own practice.
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Trauma, stress and overwhelm can numb you and make you feel powerless, angry or afraid.
I can help you understand your experiences better, find your safety again and step into the world empowered. You are not alone.
Sessions are:
» Compassion based
» Trauma informed
» Polyvagal informed
» Yoga therapeutic


Do we need a network?

We believe that yoga can enhance complex systems, including our schools,- and healthcare systems. But, we can never do this alone. We believe, that a network of passionate and engaged individuals, who support each other, is a catalyst for positive change and innovation in the field of yoga and yoga therapy.

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Organizations we connected with over the years and more to come.
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