Have you been working on integrating yoga as therapy into your national healthcare system? Has it been your dream to see it recognized as an official therapeutic tool? We are here to support you in bringing your vision into practice.


We think beyond labels and we honor our values. They are the solid basis of who we are and what we do. Everything we create for you is a reflection of that.


Yoga is about what we do ourselves with our lives. It’s about moving toward emotional wellness and mindful presence over time. We believe, that used as therapy, backed by modern science and research, yoga can enhance our healthcare system.  


Lasting transformation and progress are possible when we take action together. We believe, that a network of passionate and engaged individuals, who support each other, is a catalyst for positive change and innovation. 


We inspire you to create a toolbox that fits your personal and professional situation. We believe in you and support you in becoming more confident in your own abilities. All the while offering you professional masterclasses and trainings.


For us rest is part the program. That’s because we believe in self-care, taking a pause, breathing and reflecting. It’s about listening to what your body is asking of you. So that in turn, you can show up for your clients in your full potential.  


What moves you? What ignites your passion so deeply, that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make it happen? We believe in showing up in life with creativity, curiosity and compassion, trusting your instincts and following your heart.


Our society needs more conscious leaders. Individuals who believe in creating a better world for us all and who have the courage to share their voice and take inspired action. We invite you to be the leader of change within your system and subculture. 


to bring yoga as therapy into healthcare

As healthcare professionals and yoga trainers we believe in yoga as ancient science and also in modern medicine and research. Our mission is to bring attention and awareness on how yoga can enhance our current healthcare system when integrated in it.

to bring well-being

We believe that well-being is more than just absence of disease, but an all encompassing state of physical, mental and emotional wellness.

That’s why we created a clear path to train and inspire you – our international network of yoga and healthcare professionals – to use yoga and compassion based practices – for yourself and your clients.


Network Yoga Therapy – Academy is a school for yoga training, personal development and co-creations. We offer and facilitate high quality trainings, programs, classes and mentoring – online and in person.

The Academy is built upon straight forward, no-nonsense yoga teachings combined with our own professional and personal experiences gained from extended practices of yoga and modern medical insights, including scientific research. We look beyond labels and protocols.

We honor your creativity, experience and knowledge. We teach you basic, traditional, modern and advanced concepts and then offer space for you to build your own ones. We support you in integrating yoga into your professional framework and bringing your vision into practice.


the creative force behind this


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