Network Yoga Therapy is a network of professionals connected through yoga and love of earth and the willingness and curiosity to open up to a broad spectrum of — usual and unusual — possibilities in healing and health. It's time for space, the narrow ways, won't work anymore.

Network Yoga Therapy

what connects us?

Network Yoga Therapy is a network of professionals connected through yoga and love of earth and the willingness and curiosity to open up to a broad spectrum of — usual and unusual — possibilities in healing and health. Space and time replace narrow ways that won't work anymore.

This started in 2010 by Anneke Sips. We believe that the broader landscape of yoga (including food, nutrition, contemplative, embodied practices, human connection etc) would benefit the larger population struggling with loneliness, stress, chronic illness and mental health problems. Network Yoga Therapy offers education (teacher trainings and professional development courses) and support for all who care. We are here to plant seeds that awaken the deepest memories that live in our hearts and to help people find that in their lives what is guiding them. To connect to and strengthen a sense of Self through slow, rhythmic movement in awareness. Supported by Earth, guided by logic understanding, ethics and sense.

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About the Founder

Anneke sips: mother, wayfinder

Anneke Sips

Anneke Sips ‧ Founder

Anneke founded Network Yoga Therapy in 2010 and The Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam in 2015 and Terrapy in 2020. She is a bridge-builder in the field of yoga therapy for mental health in The Netherlands and internationally. She's on a mission to transform psychiatry and support people to be self healers building a Care Community (sign-up for the newsletter to stay informed on how projects get shaped). She is a Yoga Teacher Trainer (YACEP) and Therapist (C-IAYT) with a holistic, trauma informed and compassionate approach. She supports hundreds of clients in private practice and in community care: some in short sessions and shorter periods and some for years doing intense trauma work. Work with Anneke? Click here.



Lost in Cures | Old ways, won't work anymore. We keep treating symptoms of symptoms, while we don't see the whole system behind those symptoms. We seek answers without asking questions. We seek health and get lost in the cures. We seek spirituality not knowing what we are looking for. We look for wholeness and end up in pieces. Many of us got lost. Stress, loneliness, chronic illness and mental health problems have been growing to a state of crisis.

Disconnection | Dealing with overwhelming pressure in life — we live in a world full of information and yet we hunger for wisdom. We experience an epidemic of disconnection, which leads to stress. We are systemically disconnected from ourselves, from others and from nature. We disconnect from nature, not trusting the microbiome that guides our human health as we started a war against dirt, bacteria, parasites and viruses. We got steriel and afraid of our own elements.

Lack of meaning | We often lack connection and meaning to life, relationships and the work we do. We may being pushed into a (bureaucratic) maze — working the job that pays the bills or staying in any relationship out of fear of letting go — loosing sight of deeper passions as a compass, resulting in high rates of stress and burnout (60-80% of the visits to primary care physicians in America are stress related).

 We seek health —

and got lost in cures

Trauma | The core reason for disconnection is trauma. Trauma numbs us, creates fragmentation and dissociation. Around 67% of American adults have experienced at least one significant early adversity (childhood trauma) according to research yet the study didn't even include the measures of social trauma. Trauma reminds us of danger. Over and over again. Because of this, naturally our nerve systems is constantly looking for safety and protection, not being able to engage in life fully. Collectively we engage is actions that damage ourselves, each other and the earth because of this trauma, stress and lack of connection — through, a lack of safety.

What if we would recognize our capacity to recover from wounds that are connected to the past? Allowing the tools we carry within to heal within us, little by little. Inviting safety in, that allows us to become more aware and (biologically) able to fully connect, to choose, to change and to adapt to any circumstance.

Safety is the treatment

— Stephen Porges



Effortless | Imagine feeling a sense of ownership of your mental environment again, having space to process, to mourn, and digest. Imagine crises do not mark an ending, but a potent new beginning. Imagine not forcing or manipulating but gracefully allowing life and healing to be manifested effortlessly.

We are waking up to the idea that there is more to life and healing than the narrow minded strategies of the past decades.

Connection | connection is the doorway to relationship and relationship the doorway to healing. Connection to different parts within ourselves. To others and to nature with confidence, curiosity, patience and kindness. Connection heals. It leads to empowerment, devotion and cooperative action. It is free and sustainable. It gives back. Free to choose your own therapeutic path, speed and form in an unconditional, long-term, committed environment where active, tailored care is available, at times when it is most needed.

`waking-up | Disappointed by existing systems many are waking up to the idea that there is more to life and healing than the health strategies of the past decades. A more natural, conscious and empowered way — where there is no rush, but time. Freeing ourselves from a narrow system of symptom control into space and options system exploration. It is possible to create circular, cooperative, value based, regenerative and independent care-systems that does not feed capitalistic needs, but simply supports healing.

Terra, Earth | Taking care of Earth is our greatest responsibility and healing at the same time. A balanced planet starts with healthy, fertile earth under empowered communities. These communities are built by conscious, creative, curious, and caring individuals. Earth is guiding us home. Earth is the original mother, who is carrying us into existence, unconditionally and at any time, the element Earth is within us to hold us up, our bones and muscles. Our regenerative force within, the fire that digests our mental and physical food — all we need is space and time. This is Terrapy.

Traditional and indigenous societies had practices, where people would restore memory and bring the person back into balance. Over time, we forgot these practices. What if we would purify our bodies and minds, re-learn contemplative practices, restore our deep memory, and find our pathway to connection and optimal health again?

'I see you — curiously connected through the desire for freedom, deep compassion and the willingness to open up to integrative usual and unusual possibilities in healing and mental healthcare...'


 NAVIGATE naturally

Navigate naturally | During times of transition, it can be difficult to find what you need and choose wisely. Before signing up for Terrapy or one of our programs, we encourage you to turn inward and listen to your inner voices. Your body and breath show the way. because, we naturally navigate, like Wayfinders, we will find our path. Wayfinding is the ancient Polynesian practice of navigating the open oceans using deep knowledge and intense observation of the celestial bodies in the sky and the swells of the water. Always, and especially in the midst of crises and chaos, we have an inner-compass that points 'True North'.  We will learn how to have access to it more often. You start to choose with confidence and see how every step you’ve ever taken has prepared you for this. It’s the pull of nature that guides me home.


 therapy but different

Trauma, mental health and Yoga Therapy

There are always multiple factors playing a role in stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, (complex-) trauma, psychosis, schizophrenia and more. We start to unravel ourselves as a human being and come to understand the layers of complexity of our bodies and minds. We start seeing the inner connections with awareness, understanding, patience and compassion. We gain new trust for our mental state.

In Terrapy we look at a human holistically to find way out the maze of the mind and body through yoga therapy, holistic living, rituals and ceremony, social psychiatry, nutrition, community activity, positive psychology and more. Through somatic experiences and conversation, we start to understand our internal family system, our patterns and power/ empowerment structures. We find and accentuate core strengths, personal values and ideal boundaries as we build towards inner peace, a sattvic state of being, Full recovery! Terrapy is partly evidence based, mostly experience based, and 100% integrity based.

Taking care of Earth is our greatest responsibility and healing at the same time. A balanced planet starts with healthy, fertile earth under empowered communities. These communities are built by conscious, creative, curious, and caring individuals.



beautiful souls

Meet our diverse team of compassionate, empowered, critical and wise individuals from all life stages and backgrounds:
Anneke Sips



yoga therapist, RN

Anneke is founder of Network Yoga Therapy and lead trainer of the programs. She works in psychiatry since 23 years, first as a community psychiatric nurse now as yoga therapist, inspiring many towards holistic health. 

simone ardesch




Simone is a medical doctor who founded The Amsterdam School for Integrative Medicine and Health. She also runs her practice as a medical doctor and coach integrating science, intuition and sensitivity smoothly.

kyra's kitchen


de Vreeze


Kyra is a certified Naturopath with over 20 years of experience in holistic nutrition. She has had training in Ayurveda, permaculture and is a Yoga Teacher. She is an awarded holistic lifestyle and cookbook author.

willemijn noordhoff

Willemijn Noordhoff

yoga teacher, psychiatrist

Willemijn is a psychiatrist, trauma- and yoga therapist. She works with somatic practices. She is a nature lover, loves to surf in the ocean or climb mountains. Being outside in the natural world helps her to be more present inside.

chantal van genderen

Chantal van Genderen


Chantal loves to sketch the possibilities of a nature inclusive culture and a regenerative landscape. She uses permaculture in designing balanced environments. Her passion is Hawaiian Hula and this philosophy is woven into her life and work.

irina sheftel




Irina is a neuroscientist and has a background in biology and a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. She's interested in how scientific research challenges the traditional Western division between mind and body, which may pave the way for more holistic approaches in healthcare.



the unconditional model designer

Anneke is an Author, Speaker, Advocate for child sex trafficking victims and creator of The Unconditional Model. Her work is based on her personal experience of a 30-year healing journey after surviving being sold by her family as a child sex slave to a pedophile network.

Marije van


Yoga teacher nurse practitioner MSc

Marije is a nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience in mental healthcare.  In her training as a yoga massage therapist and yoga teacher she discovered the essence of working with both body and mind in a loving and trauma sensitive way which represents her approach.



orthopaedic surgeon, yoga therapist

Günter is a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery who since starting his career in mid-80s, has treated tens of thousands of patients with both surgical and conservative methods. Over time, his focus has increasingly shifted from classical orthopaedic therapy to the application of gentle (yogic) healing methods.



psychologist, yoga teacher

My name is Lana, ‘lañā’ in India, happens to mean ‘to carry’ or ‘to accompany’. That is my all-encompassing purpose: to guide you through your process of self-development – which is exactly what yoga is about. I studied clinical, neuropsychology and yoga therapy.



psycho therapist, breath therapist

Ellie: psychotherapist, yoga- and breath therapist and co-founder of Adempro, an institute for education in breath work — works in a mental health institute and combining talk therapy with a breath and body oriented focus is what she loves to do most.

This could 

be you

wayfinder, care-giver

We work with an amazing team of people who are able to look out the box and within themselves. Besides our teachers, we may work with guest teachers if they feel called to be part of our programs or as guest in The Original Medicines Podcast. 


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