How can we cultivate human connection in yoga?

This list is an integration of the knowledge of physiology and biochemistry of human connection, insights from other Conference speakers, and our personal yoga therapy practice, based on the [...]


True consent is justice in action

What worries me most about yoga as an adjunct therapy right now, is standardisation, and the rise of the expert voice. I’m hearing about more and more trainings in trauma-sensitive yoga in [...]


What is yoga therapy really?

Last month we set up an online survey, inviting yoga therapists from around the world to answer questions about their work. Why do we care? We want yoga therapy to become a profession, with [...]


Last chance to join #YTC2019 therapeutic yoga classes

The Yoga Therapy Conference (May 10 +11, Amsterdam) is an annual international gathering where yoga meets health and science in an open-minded, innovative, and inspirational way. We put the [...]


Yoga for 60+: what do we know from research?

40% of adults in high-income Western countries do not engage in sports or any physical exercise. Inactivity rises with age – we tend to move less as we age, and this increases the risk of chronic [...]


15 qualities for safety in yoga practice

This list is a summary of Recommendations For Safe Use of Yoga at Different Levels, provided by Dr. Shirley Telles and her colleagues in their recent article in Frontiers of Psychology. Dr. [...]


Why “Just Breathe!” is my universal advice

One afternoon I received a phone call from my friend, broken by anxiety. Her son went to an emergency surgery after a spine injury. She called me from a waiting room in the hospital as the [...]


How bacteria hijack our brain: what you should know

​The number of bacteria cells in our guts exceeds the number of cells in our body. For the bacteria, our guts must feel like a planet. Same as humans shape global processes on Earth, bacteria [...]


3 ways in which meditation helps to handle stress

Yesterday I had to bring my 3-year-old to daycare and rush to work. A morning with a small child can be stressful enough if you have to be at work on time. But yesterday, on top of everything [...]

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