Last chance to join #YTC2019 therapeutic yoga classes

The Yoga Therapy Conference (May 10 +11, Amsterdam) is an annual international gathering where yoga meets health and science in an open-minded, innovative, and inspirational way. We put the [...]


Yoga for 60+: what do we know from research?

40% of adults in high-income Western countries do not engage in sports or any physical exercise. Inactivity rises with age – we tend to move less as we age, and this increases the risk of chronic [...]


15 qualities for safety in yoga practice

This list is a summary of Recommendations For Safe Use of Yoga at Different Levels, provided by Dr. Shirley Telles and her colleagues in their recent article in Frontiers of Psychology. Dr. [...]


15 dominant struggles that aspiring yogic-minimalists meet

Yogic Minimalism is a concept that helps you finding the essence of your efforts and practices and integrate that into your daily life. It's about simplifying. You will train your ability to [...]


Why “Just Breathe!” is my universal advice

One afternoon I received a phone call from my friend, broken by anxiety. Her son went to an emergency surgery after a spine injury. She called me from a waiting room in the hospital as the [...]