For the first time we introduce a VERY special guest from NYC: Meet Anneke Lucas (USA), creator of the Unconditional Model, founder of Liberation Prison Yoga and activist against sex-trafficking. And, Anneke Sips (NL, Founder of Network Yoga Therapy and designer of the Yogic Minimalism concept). Together they will offer an unique workshop.

Anneke & Anneke will share their competencies, concepts and energy to hold space for your inner experience. They are both leaders in the yoga and trauma field who come from very different perspectives: Anneke Sips has a strong psychiatry and yoga therapy background and Anneke Lucas from her personal healing and yoga in prisons. Together they share a similar approach, a vision: which is holistic and empowering.
The personal exploration of power dynamics offers a unique new model to change yourself, to change the world – by breaking out of inner power dynamics. During this workshop, we will explore these power dynamics, within ourselves and as reflected in the outside world. You will learn tools to work with to heal from trauma, to work with traumatised populations and how to reverse trauma in a safe way.
  • How do we offer a safe space even within an unsafe environment?
  • How do we reach people who’ve been shut down by trauma and mental illness?
  • How do we set healthy boundaries


image by: Francesca Magnani

‘About he importance of safety, boundaries and permission in yoga, in life…’

  • 3- day Workshop: March 15, 16, 17, 2019 with Anneke Sips (NL)  and Anneke Lucas (USA)
  • €299,- ex tax 21% (= € 361,80 incl tax)
  • De Bonte Zwaan
    Haparandadam 7 // 1013 AK Amsterdam
  • The organisation holds the right to cancel these dates for this training if the minimum of participants will not be reached (please, email to check the status before booking your flight)


  • It is open to anyone who has an interest in trauma.
  • For anyone who is working or dealing with trauma personally and/ or professionally.
  • No prior knowledge or experience in working with trauma is required.
  • For anyone interested in trauma informed yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
  • If you are interested in applying yoga as a healing tool for yourself or others


No professional yoga teaching certification is required to take the workshop: This workshop is open to all.


Anneke is a Registered Nurse (RN) and works in psychiatry sinds 1998. She is one of the first accredited yoga therapists in The Netherlands (C-IAYT) and the founder of Network Yoga Therapy and The Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Her expertise can be found in yoga for mental health and especially trauma and psychosis. Anneke is a bridge builder in the field of Yoga Therapy for mental health in The Netherlands. She currently writes a book about the principles that help us finding our own (yoga-) therapist inside. She designs and offers compassion focussed therapeutic yoga programs based on these principles and is a student of A.G. Mohan, his wife Indra Mohan from Chennai who were both direct students of Krishnamacharya.


Anneke Lucas is the founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga, bringing yoga and empowerment programs to prisons. Anneke creates curriculum for programs and workshops and leads trainings for the organization.  As a survivor of child sex trafficking and extreme violence, she is also an advocate for sex trafficking survivors and a public speaker.

She is writing a book about the Unconditional Model, a unique healing modality she developed over her 30 year journey of personal healing and a decade of working with traumatized populations. The Unconditional Model looks at power dynamics as a way to gain awareness about the self. Offering tools to accept and embrace all parts of the self, the purpose is to create an egalitarian system within with as ultimate purpose to create, in reflection, an egalitarian society without. She is represented by Sam Hyate at the Rights Factory. 


In trauma training, it is important to recognise that all we ever have to offer to others is ourselves – our undivided, unconditional presence and the wisdom garnered from the personal healing work. It requires skills and practice to use mindfulness as a way to constantly check in with ourselves and lovingly accept ourselves. Without these tools, it is easy to fall into attachment to position, create distance, and repeat patterns of prior abuse, whether you are a yoga teacher, a therapist or in the healing arts, or as you try to help your friends.

You may wish to share and receive understanding and acceptance during the workshop, or you may wish to only hold space for others. Either way, you will learn a new healing modality to work with and deal with trauma. Many who have taken either of our workshops have said their lives and the way they worked were forever changed.

we will explore…
During this workshop, we will explore power dynamics, within ourselves and as reflected in the outside world. You will learn tools to work with to heal from trauma, to work with traumatised populations and how to reverse trauma. You will practice and maybe even teach yoga and meditation in the trauma-informed style.
You will practice and maybe even teach in the trauma-informed style. It’s a workshop to receive a first-hand experience of a revolutionary new healing modality and trauma awareness for you to apply in your own life, or to pass on. It’s less about teaching you how to teach “those people” and more about your own experience as a caregiver or within yourself.

Anneke Lucas at TedX

‘May we all be victorious’ 

what to expect…

Personally: You will leave this workshop with an entirely new understanding of trauma, from the global to the personal level. This understanding will help you to apply these new healing techniques through mindfulness, yoga and meditation for yourself or others. You will know how to return to an emotionally safe space, again and again, an important resource in every aspect of your life. You will learn how to apply the tools you receive to remain mindful and accepting of yourself in all circumstances, for your personal growth.

Professionally: If you come for your personal reasons, you will leave with greater self-compassion and new tools to keep growing and healing. Finding what feels good for you, learn about coping strategies while creating your own concepts and rituals for practices that fit you. You can expect practice/ teach sessions, break-out groups for discussion, journaling, guided meditation and trauma informed yoga.
If you are in a healing profession: you will have brand new tools to treat your clients and students and a whole new way to help reverse trauma in others.
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