Compassion-Based Yoga for Psychotic Vulnerability

This list is an integration of the knowledge of physiology and biochemistry of human connection, insights from other Conference speakers, and our personal yoga therapy practice, based on the [...]


Last chance to join #YTC2019 therapeutic yoga classes

The Yoga Therapy Conference (May 10 +11, Amsterdam) is an annual international gathering where yoga meets health and science in an open-minded, innovative, and inspirational way. We put the [...]


Yoga for 60+: what do we know from research?

40% of adults in high-income Western countries do not engage in sports or any physical exercise. Inactivity rises with age – we tend to move less as we age, and this increases the risk of chronic [...]

33 ways in which we unintentionally harm students

Written by Yonnie FungMany of us who become yoga teachers and yoga therapists do so with good intentions, to abide by ahimsa - the ethic of non harming.   We have inherited some behaviours [...]


6 essentials that make yoga, yoga therapy

YOGAYoga is about what we do, or not do, with our lives, finding our own life philosophy that leads to a state of optimal balance. Simply that. It offers tools to practice, to embody our own [...]


Finding your purpose and meaning through yoga therapy

This interview  was conducted and condensed by Asha BoschmaMeet Marlysa Sullivan: an Assistant Professor at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) and physical therapist and yoga [...]


One theory that explains why yoga works

How is it possible? Just in the last few weeks, research papers came out showing that yoga reduces chronic inflammation in the body (which helps in conditions such as heart disease, cancer, [...]


My Approach: Compassion-Based Yoga for Psychotic Vulnerability