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I am a Registered Nurse (RN) psychiatry and one of the first accredited yoga therapists in The Netherlands (C-IAYT). I went to nursing school when I was 18 years old and so, for the last 20 years you can find me somewhere in a psychiatric institute. Adolescents, child and youth, addiction, complex care and crisis units… And since some years, I am a entrepreneur as well: founder of Network Yoga Therapy, The Yoga Therapy Conference and this academy. Within my company I combine what I love: yoga for health and wellbeing. My expertise is working with trauma and psychoses.

My asana practice is gentle and simple these days. And every day I sit in meditation and I love dancing. What I eat is organic and without meat. Just fish, now and then. What is love most, is playing and traveling with my daughter and friends. Besides yoga, I love the sun, the ocean and scuba diving. My hopes for the future are that more people invest in finding inner peace and that our world would be a free and loving place to live in.

My personal mantra is: Come as you are, teach as they are.


As a nurse, working in psychiatry, I’ve seem all the examples you can think of, of people who are not fitting in society in some way. I believe that mental issues are not just someone’s personal problem, I think it’s a problem of us all – as a society. What society sometimes thinks of as the “weak ones” I see as the strong ones — survivors in tough circumstances. I believe our communities should be more including, open minded and tolerant. My personal mission through offering therapeutic yoga sessions, yoga in therapy trainings and lectures helps de- stigmatising mental health. I believe that all health should be seen in a spectrum. There is no absolute ‘normal’ or ‘madness’. There is balance and dis- balance. For humans – with or without a diagnostic label – I hope to offer guidance on the journey towards balance and good health. That is yoga.

Are you interested in diving deeper into yoga with me? I offer training + mentorship – don’t hesitate to mail me at any point if you have questions about this program.

Love, Anneke


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